"at the still point, there the dance is..."


accessing that still point—where life slows and happens moment by honest moment—isn't always as graceful as we'd like.

practicing the art of yoga can help you.

yoga classes with renee schettler

sundays  5 pm  stretch + restore

wednesdays noon stretch + restore 

thursdays 10:30 am move 

saturday 8 am move  



stretch + restore is yin & restorative

move is slowish vinyasa

classes take place online & in backyards in phoenix

beginner & private lessons available


what students say...

"you are the gentlest badass..."



"how did you do that?!"


"my sanctuary."


"i didn't know going slow could be so challenging."

"with you, i feel like i have permission to be me." 

"that was meditative. my mind was somewhere out by...pluto."

"when i take class with you, i feel not just my body stretch. i feel my soul stretch."

"when else do you teach?!"

"too soon to ask for a second date?!"
[asked by a beginner after her first private session]


i began practicing yoga 15 years ago
in manhattan under marco rojas & jenny aurthur, teachers strongly influenced by the practice of iyengar, or alignment-based yoga, which emphasizes the space & grace created when the body opens.

my understanding of yoga changed when i began to practice in phoenix under teachers who believe the true practice of yoga isn't how well we execute the pose.
it's how well we can let ourselves ease into the pose & surrender to the breath & the stillness found there.
 i've been teaching since 2017.