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The more I practice yoga, the less I can find words for it. Yes, it can be making challenging and cool shapes and disciplining yourself to do more than you thought you ever could. It can also be allowing yourself to do less than you think you should. 

Yoga, like writing and editing, is about becoming more aware of truth. The truth of who you truly are, foibles and mess and fear and all of it. The truth of who you can be. And the truth of how to navigate the space in between. 

I've studied with teachers 
who were strongly influenced by precision of alignment and helped me understand the space and grace created when we challenge ourselves to find a different way of aligning with life. A way that surpasses any previous expectations.

And I've learned from teachers who believe the true practice of yoga isn't how well we execute something but how well we can surrender to the stillness and grace found while doing it.

Some things students mention after class...

"You are the gentlest badass."


"With your class, I feel my soul STREEEEETCH."


"How did you do that?!"

"That was meditative. My head was out by...Pluto."

"Too soon to ask for a second date?" 
[Uttered by a student after their first class.]


"When else do you teach?!"

"I like your style."

[A goofy grin accompanied by a thumbs up before the student flopped on her bed after online Yin.]


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yoga classes online
online class link avail upon request at
private classes also available.

7 pm MST yin (stretch + restore)
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