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Taking life moment by honest moment. That's what yoga has been trying to teach me. 

I began practicing yoga 15 years ago, shortly after moving to Manhattan to work at magazines. I studied under Marco Rojas and Jenny Aurthur, teachers who were strongly influenced by Iyengar, or alignment-based yoga, and who quietly emphasized the space and grace created when we slow down and let the body release.


This approach was reflected in the fundamentals of meditation that I learned from Alan Finger.

My understanding of yoga expanded when I began to practice in Phoenix under teachers who believe the true practice of yoga isn't how well we execute the pose. It's how well we can let ourselves ease into the pose and surrender to the breath and the stillness found there.

Each class I lead is, in small part, a culmination of what I've learned from each teacher these last many years. I was formally educated in yoga during 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Tara Martell and Bex Richards in 2017 and I've been teaching vinyasa, yin and restorative since then. And I've been continuing to learn these practices as well.

Teaching yoga may seem to have nothing to do with editing and writing. Yet I understand them each to be a chance to quiet the noise and distill everything into its simplest essence. To

coax others to experience things from a somewhat

more expansive perspective. To make things previously unimagined seem a little—or a lot—more accessible.

Private and group classes take place online and in backyards throughout Phoenix. For more info and a schedule of online classes, email

Some things students have mentioned after class...

"You are the gentlest badass."




"When else do you teach?!"

"How did you do that?!"

"I like your style."

"Too soon to ask for a second date?"
[uttered by a student after her initial class]

[a contented grin followed by a thumbs up before the student flopped back onto her bed after a

zoom class]


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yoga classes online

sundays 5 pm PST restore (restorative)

wednesdays 7 pm PST stretch (yin & restorative) 

thursdays 10:30 am PST slow flow (slow vinyasa & yin)

zoom link upon request at